Lynnderella Early Halloween (2011)


Earlier this month, I featured the first public collection from Lynnderella.  Not long after posting, I realized that it was October and I should feature the second Lynnderella collection, Early Halloween.  I foolishly sold 2 of my original bottles (Bride of Franken and She Lived in A Swamo) but later purchased later versions in the current square bottle.

All Hallows’ Eve (one coat over Glitter Gal Lizard Belly)

Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue over Sapphire In The Snow.jpg

Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue (one coat over OPI Sapphire In The Snow)

Bride of Franken (one coat over Wet ‘N Wild Craze Nocturnal)

Cauldron Drippings (one coat over Deborah Lippmann Supermodel)

Gotta Have Brains (one coat over Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle)

Love Potion No. 99 (one coat over Ozotic Pro 624)

She Lived In A Swamp (one coat over Milani Hi-Tech)

The Telltale Heart over Extravagance.jpg

The Telltale Heart (one coat over OPI Designer Series Extravagance)

Very Pretty Vampire over Dark Side of the Moon.jpg

Very Pretty Vampire (one coat over Deborah Lippmann Dark Side Of The Moon)

I apply Lynnderellas by dabbing on some polish, then use the brush to position the glitter over the surface of the nail.  Bride of Franken can be easily applied on like a regular glitter polish, but the others are far more difficult (such as Gotta Love Brains).  I like having control of how much glitter is dispersed on the nail.  

Since I swatched these polishes just for pictures and not long-term use, I used a peelable base coat so I could easily remove the glitter.  I would suggest to do the same if you're only planning on wearing the mani for a day or two.  However, if you decide to wear it long-term, I recommend soaking a cotton ball in acetone, placing it on a nail, wrapping it in foil then waiting 10 minutes to easily remove.

I have difficulty describing early Lynnderellas due to the variety of glitter featured in those polishes.  I now consider early Lynnderellas as "nail jewelry".  I'm not much of a jewelry person, but wearing Lynnderella is as gaudy as I get.