China Glaze Rodeo Diva Part 3 (fall 2008)


This week I've got a gorgeous fall collection from China Glaze, Rodeo Diva.  Rodeo Diva was released in 2008, putting this into the vintage category.  I love the deep, moody jewel tones featured in this collection.

China Glaze Rodeo Diva Fall 2008 - Rodeo Fanatic.jpg

Rodeo Fanatic (three coats):  darkened teal/blue/purple shifting shimmer

Side Saddle (two coats):  dark eggplant with gold glass-flecks

Wagon Trail (three coats):  darkened gold shimmer

Yee-Haw (three coats):  metallic peach with gold shimmer

Like Gussied Up Green, I was amazed while swatching Rodeo Fanatic due to the color shifting shimmer.  It's very similar to MAC Whirlwind.  Side Saddle is my favorite of the whole collection, due to the richness of color and glass-flecks.  It's very similar to Lancome Lizzy Jagger.  Wagon Trail looks like a murky green due to the combination of black and gold.  Yee-Haw is my least favorite, due to it not fitting the rest of the collection.

The formula for most of this collection is a bit tricky; while most of the colors look deep and rich in the bottle, they take 3 coats for optimal opacity.  Red Stallion and Side Saddle are the two exceptions.