Essie North Fork (summer 2009)


For many years, the Essie brand has been renowned for its conservative sheer pinks and nudes, especially Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite, Ballet Slippers.  It was a rarity for Essie to release unique, outstanding shades, but they definitely have some hits, such as the famous Starry Starry Night.  Back in the late ‘00s, some posts started circulating with Photoshopped wishful Essie collections, full of vibrant colors not really seen from the brand, especially in shades of blue and green.  We were surprised when Essie released the North Fork collection, even if it was a bit muted compared to the Photoshopped pictures.

Greenport (three coats):  muted turquoise blue crème

Sag Harbor (three coats):  pale bluish-green with a fine silver shimmer

Essie North Fork 2009 - Shelter Island.jpg

Shelter Island (three coats):  sky blue crème

Since 2009, Essie seems to have come out of the shell with more vibrant, unique colors outside of its sheer pinks/nudes core.  If you want to see more unique Essie shades, I’ll post more in the future here or on my Instagram.