China Glaze Rodeo Diva Part 2 (fall 2008)


This week I've got a gorgeous fall collection from China Glaze, Rodeo Diva.  Rodeo Diva was released in 2008, putting this into the vintage category.  I love the deep, moody jewel tones featured in this collection.

Lasso My Heart (three coats):  rosy purple with gold glass-flecks

Midnight Ride (three coats):  darkened purple shimmer

Prize Winning Mare (three coats):  antique gold shimmer

Red Stallion (two coats):    searing metallic red

The base color of Lasso My Heart makes me think of it as the subdued, older sister of Pretty Serious Toxic Tiara.  It may have been my lighting, but I could not accurately capture the purple shimmer in Midnight Ride.  While I was dismayed by Golden Spurs, I love the antique gold color of Prize Winning Mare.  Red Stallion is definitely in-your-face bright, unlike the rest of the collection.

The formula for most of this collection is a bit tricky; while most of the colors look deep and rich in the bottle, they take 3 coats for optimal opacity.  Red Stallion and Side Saddle are the two exceptions.