Dior Vernis Summer Mix 2012 (summer 2012)


When it comes to high-end polish brands, Dior is my #2.  My Chanel collection is kind of ridiculous in comparison, due to my previous compulsion of buying up almost every new Chanel polish between 2008-2012.  However, I’m a bit more discerning with my Dior selections.   I have a few HTF (hard-to-find) vintages, such as Sparkling Blueberry but mine are mostly selections from 2009-2012.

Summer is coming to end, so I will be posting a few past summer collections before September.  The first one is Dior’s Summer Mix 2012.  The collection consisted of 4 “sorbet finish” nail polishes and 4 lip glosses.  I’ve deciphered “sorbet finish” as a cross between crème and jelly.

Acapulco (three coats):  bright sunshine yellow

Calypso (two coats):  candy apple red

Cosmo (two coats):  watermelon pink

Lagoon (two coats):  Mediterranean blue

The application was only finicky for Acapulco, which is not surprising for yellow nail polish.  For some reason, most yellow nail polishes are just a pain to work with.  The others applied well in two coats.

Is it just me, or has summer just come and gone quickly?  I feel like time just started racing by after I turned 30.