Rescue Beauty Lounge The Bloggers Collection (fall 2009)


Social media has evolved over the years…I was on Facebook back when it was a college-only website.  When I started collecting polish, the current media was blogging.  Now it’s moved on to more visually driven apps such as Instagram and YouTube.  My favorite way to receive nail information is still reading blogs, even if that makes me a bit of a dinosaur.  I like being able to scan a page’s content without having to listen to a long video or decipher a jumble of hashtags.

Due to the popularity of social media, there has been a lot of collaborations between influencers and brands.  Rescue Beauty Lounge’s The Bloggers Collection was one of the first ones I remember.  I am a huge fan of the three bloggers featured in this collection; they’re the OG nail bloggers.

Rescue Beauty Lounge The Bloggers Collection Fall 2009 - Mismas.jpg

Mismas (two coats):  rich purple crème

Mismas was created by blogger Michelle Mismas of the blog All Lacquered Up.  It’s one of the earliest blogs, dating back to January 2007.  While there haven’t been any new posts since 2016, it’s a great resource for people like me who like to collect older collections.           

Orbis Non Sufficit (two coats):  army green crème

Orbis Non Sufficit was created by blogger Stephanie Toledo of the now defunct blog The Polish Addict.  Stephanie’s blog is one of the first ones I started following, so I’m sad to see that her page is no longer online.

Scrangie (three coats):  light purple shimmer with a strong blue/green flash

Scrangie is the eponymous polish created by Scrangie Marcanio of the blog Scrangie.  Unlike the other two blogs, Scrangie also focused on makeup.  I loved her nonconformist streak; unique and memorable.  Like ALU, there haven’t been any new posts since 2014, but if you want to look up some great throwback polishes (such as OPI’s original Designer Series), you can find it on the site.

When I started Throwback Lacquer, I was completely STOKED that both Michelle and Scrangie followed my Instagram account.  You can follow their Instagram accounts at @alllacqueredup and @thescrangie.