FingerPaints Summer 2018


I know it's technically fall, but I'd like to show you one last summer collection.  FingerPaints is one of Sally Beauty Supply's in-house brands.  I was extremely excited when I saw the bottles in Facebook groups.

Cosmic Chaos (two coats):  eggplant creme with holographic shimmer

Fantom Fuchsia (three coats):  hot pink glass-flecks with purple flash

Finger Paints Summer 2018 - Majestic.jpg

Majestic (two coats):  dusty rose creme with holographic shimmer

Finger Paints Summer 2018 - Pixie Dust.jpg

Pixie Dust (two coats):  slate gray creme with holographic shimmer

Red Rocket (two coats):  red holographic shimmer

Majestic (two coats):  peach holographic shimmer

Unfortunately, the actual polish does not look as holographic as the bottles show.  Cosmic Chaos, Majestic and Pixie Dust have very opaque creme bases, resulting in a faint holographic effect.  Red Rocket and Majestic have more translucent bases, which lets more holographic shimmer shine.  Fantom Fuchsia is the oddball of the group, with its glass-fleck finish.

I can't recommend buying this collection full price, but if Sally Beauty has a sale or eventually clearanced, they're worth a shot.