Zoya Sparkle (summer 2010)


I will forever associate 2010 with Zoya's Sparkle collection.  This jelly base/foily glass-flecked finish was insanely popular that year, with other brands also jumping on the bandwagon.  If I remember correctly, Zoya was the first to release a full collection with the finish.

Alegra (two coats):  rich fuchsia jelly base with pink/gold glass-flecks and a blue flash

Charla (three coats):  turquoise jelly base with gold/green/blue glass-flecks

Gilda (three coats):  hot pink jelly base with pink/gold glass-flecks and a orange shift

Ivanka (three coats):  emerald green jelly base with gold/green glass-flecks

Mimi (three coats):  dark purple jelly base with pink/gold glass-flecks

Nidhi (two coats):  tomato red creme base with pink/gold/silver glass-flecks

Most of the polishes are opaque in three coats due to the watery jelly base.  I recommend applying thin coats and waiting between coats to dry for the best results.  Nidhi is the outlier of the group, due to its opaque creme base.

Like the Gossip collection, all of the Sparkle polishes are still available on Zoya's site.