Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology Vol. 5 (2018)


(includes press samples)

Hello everyone!

I’ve got bad news and good news…the good news is, I’ve got three of the latest Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology shades.

Effigy of Agon (two coats):  inspired by Urban Decay X, mauve with a strong copper shimmer

Mamagaran’s Scream (two coats):  inspired by Revlon Mesmerizing, purple with a green duochrome shimmer

Messenger of the Titans (two coats):  inspired by Chanel Iridescent, periwinkle purple with a purple shimmer

On to the bad news…Pretty Serious has announced on their official Facebook fan group that they will be closing down this year, discontinuing the current product line.  The entire site will be at 30-50% off with the coupon code CLOSING.  The upcoming neon and nude collections will be listed at 40% off.  However, the closure isn’t permanent and they’re looking to relaunch next year.