Nicole by OPI Vintage Holiday Holographics


Compared to OPI, finding information on Nicole by OPI polishes is a lot more difficult. Today I've got 4 Nicole by OPI vintage holographics, which I am assuming are holiday-themed due to the names:  Holidays Glaze, Holly-Pop Red, Season's Gray-tings and Twinkle Periwinkle.  The polish numbers on Holly-Pop Red and Holidays Glaze are SR 3V1 and SR 3V2, while Season's Gray-tings and Twinkle Periwinkle are SR 3U6 and SR 3U9.

Nicole by OPI holiday holographic - Holidays Glaze.jpg

Holidays Glaze (two coats):  pale pink holographic

Nicole by OPI holiday holographic - Holly-Pop Red.jpg

Holly-Pop Red (two coats):  strawberry red holographic

Season's Gray-tings (two coats):  charcoal gray holographic with purple flash

Twinkle Periwinkle (two coats):  lavender purple holographic with teal duochrome flash

I will need to do some comparisons in the near future, but Season's Gray-tings may be similar to OPI My Private Jet.  I own two holographic versions of My Private Jet; the original charcoal gray and a browner version.  Twinkle Periwinkle reminds me of OPI Sand-erella and may also be similar to OPI Designer Series Original.

Of the four, Holly-Pop Red is the easier and cheapest to find.  It took me a while to find an affordable Holidays Glaze, but I waited it out instead of plunking $40.  I luckily found Season's Gray-tings for less than $20 on eCrater.  I once owned Twinkle Periwinkle, but foolishly sold it, thinking that owning Sand-erella and Original were enough.  I actually lucked out on eBay and got it from an auction for around $6, including shipping.