China Glaze Summer Days (summer 2009)


From 2000-2006, China Glaze released an annual summer collection series named Babes in Toeland featuring glass-fleck finish polishes.  I’ve previously reviewed it on my friend Rachel’s blog, then revisited again this year.  In 2009, China Glaze brought back its distinctive glass-fleck finish with the Summer Days collection.

Cherry Pie (two coats):  maraschino cherry pink/red

Grape Juice (two coats):  medium purple

Orange Marmalade (two coats):  juicy orange with gold glass-flecks

Raspberry Festival (two coats):  rich cherry red/pink

China Glaze Summer Days Summer 2009 - Strawberry Fields.jpg

Strawberry Fields (two coats):  fuchsia pink with gold glass-flecks

Watermelon Rind (three coats):  watermelon teal green

I will say, the fruit theme is making me crave fresh summer fruit.  Cherry Pie and Raspberry Festival are from the original release and I obtained the other 4 colors within the last couple of months.