Essie Neon (summer 2008)


As promised months ago,  I've finally swatched the original Essie Neon collection.  This collection was released shortly after Chanel came out with their Robertson Boulevard exclusives. 

Bermuda Shorts (2 coats):  neon orchid pink/purple creme

Bermuda Shorts (with top coat):  I added top coat because I was told by someone that the color seems to change with it.  It looks more vibrant.

Mini Shorts (2 coats):  searing orange neon creme

Short Shorts (2 coats):  hot neon pink creme

Shorty Pants (3 coats):  bright lemon yellow creme

While I have a weakness for Chanel, I prefer the Essie Neon collection due to the formula and colors.  The Robertson Chanels are notorious for the finicky formula, but 3 out of the 4 Essies apply smoothly with ease.  Shorty Pants was trickier to work with, no surprise for a yellow polish.