MAC Venomous Villains (2010)


As I mentioned in my previous post featuring Zoya's Sparkle collection, the jelly base/foil glass-fleck finish was all the rage in 2010.  MAC also jumped on the bandwagon with their Venomous Villains collection.

Venomous Villains was wildly popular due to it being a Disney collaboration.  MAC collections are notoriously limited edition and tend to sell out very quickly and this was no exception.

Bad Fairy (three coats):  pink-tinged red with an orange shift

Formidable! (three coats):  blue to pink shifting flecks in a purple base

Mean and Green (three coats):  pink to gold shifting flecks in a green base

Jelly base/foil glass-flecked polishes tend to be sheer at the first coat and usually builds up to three coats.  When it comes to this kind of polish, it's best to let it dry between coats so the previous coat won't be swiped away with the next application.