China Glaze The Grinch (holiday 2018)


Hi everyone!

October has been a pretty hectic month for me due to work obligations, but I'm hoping I can crank out more fall and holiday goodies soon!  

I'm really hoping this latest incarnation of The Grinch is better than the Jim Carrey abomination years ago.  It's one of my favorite Christmas specials, after A Charlie Brown Christmas.

China Glaze The Grinch Holiday 2018 - Grinchworthy.jpg

Grinchworthy (three coats):  light green and green glitter in a clear base

Grinchworthy took three coats to achieve opacity.  I recommend waiting between coats for even application.

Ho! Ho! No. (two coats):  gold glitter in a red creme base

Ho! Ho! No. is my favorite name.  It conjures up visions of Resting Bitch Face, something I deal with on a regular basis.  It's very opaque and can be done with one coat.  One of the polishes I passed on is named "Resting Grinch Face".

Who Wonder (two coats):  fuchsia pink glass-flecks

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I am a sucker for China Glaze glass-fleck polishes.  Who Wonder is yet another great addition to the glass-fleck pantheon.  I think China Glaze has improved the formula of their glass-flecked polishes over the years, since this one was opaque in two coats.

I love it when nail polish companies customize the bottles for a collection.  This collection has the Grinch on the handles.  Details like these gives the collection a delightful finishing touch.