Zoya Gossip (summer 2008)


Pre-streaming Netflix, I watched the most TV during college.  I was obsessed with Sex and the City, Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and the GOAT, Chappelle’s Show.  However, my peers were all obsessed with MTV’s Laguna Beach:  The Real Orange County.  For those of you unfamiliar with Laguna Beach, it was a “reality” show centered around Lauren Conrad AKA LC, a conventionally attractive blonde who attended school in Laguna Beach.  I still have a quote on my Facebook profile from one night watching Laguna Beach with friends…”99.9% of the things that come out of The Asian Girl’s mouth should never be said.”  It’s funny how some things never change.

Anyhoo, Laguna Beach spawned a spin-off, The Hills, again centered around LC.  We used to joke in our family that my middle sister was our local LC.  Coincidentally, my sister’s first job out of college brought her to Southern California.  When she left, I mimicked a voice-over, stating, “Today we say goodbye to our beloved JA, when she leaves The Mills for The Hills.”

Apart from my personal jokes about the shows, I really don’t know too much about the characters or the storyline.  It all kind of mish-mashed into “blah blah blah, rich white girl problems, blah blah blah.”  However, The Hills was so popular that Zoya named their Gossip collection after 6 of the characters.

Audrina (two coats):  orchid purple crème

Elodie (three coats):  coral pink jelly

Heidi (two coats):  coral pink/orange crème

LC (two coats):  coral red crème

Lo (two coats):  bubblegum pink crème

Whitney (two coats):  Barbie pink crème

I will say, this is a very solid summer collection, even though it’s heavy on conventional colors.  This would be a great variety for summer manis and pedis.  The best part is, this whole collection is still available on Zoya’s site!  That is a unique trait about Gossip…10 years later, all of the colors made it to the core collection.