Illamasqua Rubber Brights (2012)


Back in the late-‘00s, Illamasqua was releasing polishes most mainstream brands wouldn’t dare.  Not only were the shades unique, the bottle was beautifully elegant and the formula was buttery smooth.  It was a bit more expensive than most mainstream brands, but you got what you paid for.

I am saddened that Illamasqua will no longer have nail polish in their product lineup.  I have so many good memories of their polishes (have you seen RAMPAGE?!) and to see them go the way of the dodo brings out the feels in me.

Today I’ve got their Rubber Brights collection.  It’s got rubber/matte finish polishes in a rainbow of colors.

Aorta (two coats):  bright red

Devotee (three coats):  bubblegum pink

Nurture (three coats):  bright light green

Optimist (three coats):  orange/yellow

Prosperity (two coats):  saturated purple

Serenity (three coats):  sky blue

The formula is a bit tricky to deal with, especially Nurture.  All of the shades requiring 3 coats were due to the streakiness of the polish.  Aorta and Prosperity both applied easily and evenly.  Due to the formula, Aorta and Prosperity are my favorites in the collection.