Morgan Taylor Platinum Journey To Wonderland


Hey everyone!

I enjoy seeing mainstream companies release holographic nail polishes.  I don’t mean any offense to indie brands, but it’s nice to just stop by a store and pick one up at your leisure, which is how I got today’s polishes.  My husband has been borrowing my shampoo and conditioner, so I decided to stop by CosmoProf and get him his own bottles.  It’s kind of frustrating when you’re ready to take a shower, but your shampoo and conditioner is in another castle!  Anyhoo, I saw these beauties on display and decided to add them to my purchases.  I can’t say the same for OPI Grease, which made me say, “meh”.

Morgan Taylor released their first Platinum collection earlier this year, mostly consisting of lighter shades of color.  Journey To Wonderland had more vibrant colors that caught my eye.   The holographic effect is a combination of linear and scattered holographic, much like Orly Mirrorball.

Morgan Taylor Platinum Journey To Wonderland - Caught In A Dream.jpg

Caught In A Dream is a very vibrant teal holographic, which is muted in the picture.  This is currently my NOTW and I can’t keep my eyes off of it.

Morgan Taylor Platinum Journey To Wonderland - Frolic In Fairy Dust.jpg

Frolic In Fairy Dust is a denim blue holographic, similar to OPI Glamour.  It may be a touch more violet than Glamour.

Morgan Taylor Platinum Journey To Wonderland - Not Your Average Damsel.jpg

Not Your Average Damsel is a purple holographic and has the strongest holographic effect.

Journey To Wonderland is making me rethink passing on the previous Morgan Taylor Platinum polishes.  You may see the originals here in the future!