Pretty Serious Pastel Pets 2 (2018)


(includes press samples)

Two years ago, Pretty Serious Cosmetics released their Pastel Pet Names collection to great fanfare.  If you like marbling nail art, they were perfect for such applications, as seen on More Nail Polish.  This April, a second Pastel Pet collection was released.

Bitsy Boo (2 coats):  sky blue crème

Bon Bon (2 coats):  cornflower blue crème

Pretty Serious Pastel Pets 2 - Chicky.jpg

Chicky (3 coats):  pale yellow crème

Dollface (2 coats):  lilac purple crème

Poppet (2 coats):  bubblegum pink crème

Smoochie (2 coats):  neon pastel green crème

Pretty Serious Pastel Pets 2 - Tootsie.jpg

Tootsie (2 coats):  pale yellow-orange crème

I should admit something:  crème polishes are my kryptonite when it comes to swatching.  I tend to always have trouble applying them, especially pastels.  The hardest to apply was Chicky, which is usually par for the course when it comes to yellow polish.  Chicky looks off-white to me; similar to Illamasqua Load.  Tootsie is supposed to be more yellow, but comes off very Kraft-macaroni-and-cheese on my skin tone.

Pastel Pets 2 is now available in the Pretty Serious USA online store and on the Pretty Serious International online store.


Chanel Neon (spring 2018)


Previously, I reviewed Chanel’s 2017 collection Neon Wave.  Today I’ve got two limited edition neons from this spring.

Rose Neon (two coats):  searing peachy pink neon

Scenario (two coats):  hot coral red neon

Chanel Neon Wave - Magnetic.jpg


I’ve included a picture of Magnetic to show the contrast in color.

If you’re a neon fan, you’ll probably love these two.  There is definitely enough difference to justify owning all three.